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It's Time To Get
Women You WANT
Stop Trying To PROVE YOURSELF To Women
Make Women Chase YOU
My Team and I Want to PERSONALLY Work With You One-On-One To Help You Eliminate Your "Dating Roadblocks" and Get Newly Trained "Attraction Actions" On Autopilot...To Never Need Dating Advice AGAIN...In Just 90 Days!
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3 tiers of Full-Service Guidance
Let Us Cater To You With 3 Options of Tailored Feedback and Guidance
🔥With Added Perks and Features!🔥
Weekly SPECIALIZED Spotlight Speed Dates w/ One of Jessica's Coaches: high customized in-the-moment feedback - find out exactly what YOU are doing wrong and what to do to correct it IMMEDIATELY on the spot…to get out and try with women as soon as you leave each session 

Recordings Of Every Speed Date To Review: stay on track of your progress and watch YOURSELF get better with each passing session

Full, Unlimited, Lifetime Access To Jessica's Entire Suite of Products: priced at over $1200 if purchased separately, all upgrades included!

🔥LATEST ADDITION: Full-On Forum: share your success stories and get feedback from other guys going through the program...because you are NOT alone in this!
Everything From The Gold Package

Weekly Private Practice Dates: more time and opportunity to practice talking to women without them ghosting or disappearing; ability to “try again” and BUILD on your attraction skills in the moment

Practice with my girls so you don’t have to strike out with women you TRULY WANT in your life only to never hear from them again!

My Personal Recorded Feedback Halfway Through Each 30 Days: to actually SEE the women’s reactions and see the cause and effect of what you do (or don’t do)


It’s hard to know what you’ve done wrong once you’ve messed up with a girl…but now you have EVIDENCE! As cringy as it is, this is the BIGGEST FACTOR in which guys make the FASTEST most SIGNIFICANT results...and which don't.
Everything From The Gold Package

Everything From The Platinum Package (Except I Will Personally Be Your Coach!): I will be the one watching on the sidelines, guiding you with your girl throughout your interaction.

You'll get my personalized, tailored feedback as I watch and critique you ON THE SPOT!  This is NOT for men who cannot handle the bluntest, most straight-forward criticism from yours truly.

My Batline:  my personal cell number to have full 24/7 support and access to me for all your dating dilemmas in the moment while you're out and about with women

NEVER WONDER what to do before you do it when it comes to getting and keeping the women you want...because I'll be a simple text away! (kicks in after 30 days in the program)
Don't Just Take My Word For It...
See What Others Have Said About Their Experience With Me & My Girls!
"I've since graduated from working with Jessica, I've gotten women I never would've dreamed would be interested in talking to me let alone chasing after me.

And as I write this now (6 weeks after working with Jessica) Christa (a girl I was obsessed with for years) is texting me trying to get me to hang out (she sends me these full body selfies now of her in lingerie it's wild).

Jessica's the real fuckin deal and if she can help me she can help you."
Jeremy: 28, Boston, MA
"I'd heard horror stories from friends about being scammed or getting "ghosted" or having to talk to a lot of women who never respond back and that was never the case for me!

And I know it's all thanks to Jessica.

I'm now weighing my options with all the women who are REALLY trying to lock ME down haha"
Clinton: 45, San Mateo, CA
"I was so down on myself before Jessica and could barely talk to women. After working together and getting to a place where I was confident and meeting multiple women, I just got married this last spring to a woman I met with Jessica's help."
Eddie: 37, Dallas, TX
What If Women Did Everything They Could To Get YOU?
Meet Jessica,
Founder, CEO
  • Former Marriage & Family Therapist turned Dating Coach
  • Has helped THOUSANDS of guys get the women they want
  • PROVEN scientific system for generating interest, attraction, and DESIRE in just 3 steps
  • In the business to make sure you don't need my business (or any other dating coaching services) EVER AGAIN!
  • Helps get YOU in control so that you're the selector, The PRIZE
Women Are Waiting For You...
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And speaking of women waiting for you...😘😘😘
Meet Some of The Girls of Spotlight Speed Dating
  • Get matched with the most appropriate girls for who you want
  • Utilize what you learn with your Jessica or your coach
  • Watch your own progress through your recordings
  • SEE how the women start responding differently to you session after session
  • FEEL the difference in yourself as you see them laugh and blush even more through your interactions
  • Take that newfound confidence into the world to get exactly who you want chasing YOU!
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