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Eddie: 37, Dallas, TX
"I was so down on myself before Jessica and could barely talk to women.  After working together and getting to a place where I was confident and meeting multiple women, I just got married this last spring to a woman I met with Jessica's help."
Jeremy: 28, Boston, MA
"I've since graduated from working with Jessica, I've gotten women I never would've dreamed would be interested in talking to me let alone chasing after me.

And as I write this now (6 weeks after working with Jessica) Christa (a girl I was obsessed with for years) is texting me trying to get me to hang out (she sends me these full body selfies now of her in lingerie it's wild).

Jessica's the real fuckin deal and if she can help me she can help you."
Clinton: 45, San Mateo, CA
"I'd heard horror stories from friends about being scammed or getting "ghosted" or having to talk to a lot of women who never respond back and that was never the case for me!

And I know it's all thanks to Jessica.

I'm now weighing my options with all the women who are REALLY trying to lock ME down haha"
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